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CROOKED FANCIES  is a world, a realm, a state of mind.  It lies within a quiet slice of time between sleeping and waking up, on the edge of a dream in the fuzzy echo of a feeling remembered.  I welcome you to explore it.

I am GARRETTOS, the so-called guide to the world of Crooked Fancies.  I appeared some time ago and began describing the things I saw in a rhyming sort of way. 


CROOKED FANCIES TRADING CARDS are the artifacts I have created in order to capture the places, monuments, characters, and energies throughout Crooked Fancies.  Each card includes a poem and picture.   They come in randomized packs of 9, plus one guide card.



Signed and numbered limited series prints are for sale online.  Visit the store or contact me at  Contact for any help with an order.

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