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GARRETTOS  (Garrett O’Sullivan) (b. 1991, Concord, Massachusetts) is an artist and designer based in Brooklyn.  He studied architecture and design at the University of Southern California School of Architecture and graduated in 2015.  From there Garrettos worked at a number of firms and developed his artistic goals.

Garrettos has a unique approach to ink artwork by employing intensive linework and bold color to construct expressive forms of imagined landscapes, structures, and characters. His work is influenced by the natural environment, favorite illustrators of his youth, and the refinement of representation that his studies in architecture have fostered.


Garrettos has been featured in recent galleries, including Vital Brooklyn Featured Artist Exhibition in January 2022.

Signed and numbered limited series prints are for sale online.  Visit the store or contact the artist at


Published Works

(2020) SOMEONE GREAT, available on here

(2016) AMPLIFIED URBANISM by LOHA, several illustrations

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