Project: Carlton Treehouse / Co-Living Apartment / Hollywood, CA / 2016-2019

Scope: 60-units / Lobby / 5 Kitchens / Theater Lounge / Art Studio / Dining Hall / Roof Garden Lounge / Library / Landscape

Role: Project Manager

Client: Upwell / Treehouse Co-Live

Firm: KDC

The design of this revolutionary Co-Living apartment emphasizes  eclecticism, the affordability, community, and the idea of home.  We designed all of the cabinetry, vanities, and beds in-house.  The project includes many unique amenities such as a library and dining hall to allow inhabitants to live, work, and thrive communally.  Among many challenges to face during the design and construction phase was a restrictive budget, which required timely finesse and creative resilience.

I was the project manager and lead designer for this project under the creative director.  I built  the interior spaces and schedules in Revit.  I also speed all the furniture, finishes, and fixtures.  I designed and modeled 60+ pieces custom furniture and casework and coordinated their construction and transportation.